General Information

  • 100 starting places available.

  • An official club membership and at least a handicap 36 are required.

  • The order of registration shall decide on the starting place.
    From 100 players onwards a waiting list will be made.

  • Bad weather alternative:
    In bad weather, the tournament will be played on the course of the GC Matterhorn (also 9-hole). Allowed here: 3 clubs and putter of your choice. Unlimited balls.

Note for participants
Each player should be in a good shape due to the partly steep and mountainous terrain.
Mobile phones are strictly forbidden during the tournament.

Club tip
Recommendation: Wood 3, Iron 7, Pitch

Game abandonment
Two times an acoustical signal sounds in case of abandonment.

Equipment tip
- dress weather accordingly
- Essential: Warm jacket or pullover and rain coat
- It is recommended to wear mountain shoes or golf shoes with spikes.

Registration procedure
The MATTERHORN EAGLE CUP will be played in any weather (alternative version Golf Course GC Matterhorn). The registration fee is CHF 250 - per player, respectively. CHF 195 - per caddy (performance on the part of the OK in accordance with application form). The name is specified with payment via transfer to our bank account at Credit Suisse: IBAN CH68 0483 5138 0881 0000 0 / 0811-1380881-00 / SWIFT: CRESCHZZ80A

Application as follows:

1. Complete this form completely.
2. Transfer of registration fee to our bank account by 31 May 2016.
3. After payment you will receive a final confirmation.
4. Important: If you cancel your registration by 30 June 2016, you will receive a refund of 80%. After this date, no more repayments will be made. In case of a tournament cancellation due to bad weather conditions, the registration fee will also not be refunded - it is then the 9-hole golf course on the GC Matterhorn where the tournament will be played.
5. Once payment is made , you are officially registered for the Eagle Cup 2016.
6. By the end of June 2015 you will receive the details of the program sequence.

Versicherung ist Sache des Teilnehmers.

We are pleased to welcome you to this year's Matterhorn Eagle Cup.