Simon Biner knew of a fun golf tournament abroad. This idea was further developed by Simon Biner and Harry Lauber. In 1992, for first time in Europe at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level, the first Matterhorn Eagle Cup was held.
Because of the special circumstances, the holes were much bigger than a standard golf hole and had a diameter of 70 cm. Unlike the current tournaments, the first tournament between Schwarzsee and Staffelalp was played only about 6 holes. For that first edition, 65 golfers took part. First “gross winner” was Wolfram Kruger, former Captain of the GC Riederalp, the net score went to Daniel Godat in the men's and Felicity Fischer in the ladies. At the start, each on received 10 balls. For every lost one, there were five penalty hits. Today, the rules have become more humane, and there are only two penalties.

As a hunter, Harry Lauber knew the area around the Riffelsee very well. The area was an ideal topography, short growing alpine flora, and an enchanting view directly across from the Matterhorn and surrounded by another 37 4000 ft. mountains. He knew that from then on, the Eagle Cup had to be held here.
Together with Simon Biner and Urs Eschle (initiator of the Yeti Clubs and Zermatt and “old friend” with the golfers of Zermatt), one made its way from Rotenboden to set the new Eagle Cup circuit. Following the natural terrain formation, 9 holes in the direction of Riffelberg were designed. That’s how, since 1993, three par 3 holes, five par 4 holes and a par 6 hole are now played on this original circuit. Everyone can take 3 clubs of his choice and gets three marked balls. 
There are no greens, only flattened earth, which is known as "Brown". Therefore, there is no "putting" anymore either, but it is usually holed with a "chip in". Only who has experienced it himself can understand how easy it is to get the ball passes even there. Despite these vagaries, there is huge fun and the atmosphere among all participants is friendly and informal. And that's why in the years 1991 to 2001. the Eagle Cup has also massively developed in its numbers. From 65 participants in 1991 to 156 in 2001. With these numbers, however, this tournament can’t take any more participants because of the sensitive landscape. "With this interest, we could put on even more and for example even play on two or three days. But we strictly don’t want that. "The organization committee considers it important that it remains a weekend event.
Therefore, the Matterhorn Eagle Cup shall basically retain its original form. In 2011 was the celebration of the 20-year anniversary. The 20th Eagle Cup was also the last one under the "old" organization committee with President Harry Lauber. Now it's time for a new generation with new ideas, but one thing remains the same: we play in front of the finest mountain scenery in the world!