1. tee-off:
Tee-offs are marked yellow. On the tee-off – and only there – can be teed-off.

2. Green:
Each hole measures about 75 cm in diameter. The rule 17 and 16 are not applied. The holed ball can touch the flag without faul.

3. Playing the ball:
Each player can only play with specially numbered balls, which will be distributed at the start. The consequence of playing one of the other balls will be disqualification.

4. Placing the ball:
After each hit, the player’s proper/own ball needs to be identified. Before any further hit/tee-off, the player is entitled to place the ball. The ball, however, should first be marked. Cleaning of the ball is permitted.

For placing, the following rules apply: Placing is a club-length to the right, left or backward, but not closer to the hole. If for safety reasons, the ball at that distance is not playable (rock in the trajectory of the ball), then the player has to set with his partner the next possible place from where the ball is playable.

The ball cannot be placed any closer to the flag. Within a radius of 10 club-lengths to the flag, the ball may only be offset by a score card width.

5. Ball lost, ball out of bounds, a provisional ball:
Rule 27 shall not apply. The fairways have no out of bounds. Provisional ball must not be played. If a lost ball is not found after 5 minutes, the player must place a new ball at the place where the ball was lost. For every lost ball, the player receives a penalty of 2 strokes (distance plus lost ball).

6. Ball holed:
Every ball has to come to rest in the hole. Balls that for any reason kick out of the hole must be played again and holed.

7. Clubs:
Every player is entitled to participate with only three clubs of his choice. Club exchange among the players will be disqualified.

8. Footpaths:
On or over a footpath must not be played. The ball must be placed across the trail again, but not any closer to (the) hole.

9. Cable:
If a ball touches a cable, the hit/impact may be repeated without penalty.

10. Protests:
Any protests are to be immediately (after the last hit) reported to the jury.

The jury's decision is final.

The local rules can be adjusted according to the actual situation. The local rules handed out at the event apply.